ACC Registered Treatment Provider

Individual and effective care

 osteopathy effectively treats headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain


Kushla has a wealth of knowledge that she skilfully applies to quickly solve issues. Kushla quickly resolved the problem and talked me through why these things happen - it’s so good to be pain-free again.
— Jo B

Kushla Currie




Master of Osteopathy (Hons), BApp.Sc.

ACC Registered Treatment Provider

Osteopathy Treatment

We treat all kinds of issues including wrist & ankle sprains, shoulder injuries & teeth grinding. We will lodge your ACC and help you rehabilitate - no need to visit your GP first

My first experience of osteopathy was treatment for longstanding whiplash injuries. I was amazed at the immediate benefits and how much better I felt after a few treatments. This led me to upskill from my work as a clinical massage therapist. I’m so glad I did this. Osteopathy has enabled me to treat the issue and look at the bigger picture of health. Often simple changes can make a big difference. I like to give take home advice and exercises that are realistically slotted into our busy lives.

Five years study, including intensive anatomy and physiology, has been an excellent base for working with all types of injuries, issues and bodies. Outside of work my interests are tennis, brewing beer and music.